Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Being a twin...

isn't all it's cracked up to be. Yes, it's my birthday tomorrow but it's also my sister's so I have to make sure I do something special for her too. We really didn't talk about exchanging gifts so I decided to make something. I've had this paint can sitting in my craft room for prob about 2 years now & I've been "saving" it. Stupid, right? Anyways, I decided to alter it using her fave color- pink & fill it with hershey kisses. This is my 1st altered project. Everything seemed to go wrong. No matter how careful I was with my measurements-- nothing measured up right on the can... aggravating!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good Evening!

Ok, I usually only post when I have a new project or card to show off but I just wanted to say "hi". I finally got around to checking out Katie's blog today & have added it to my list of blogs I like to visit. You can find this link on the upper left hand side of the page under.... Blogs you should definitely check out. Obviously the title says it all. Most of the blogs are fellow Cricut message board chicks. The other's were found listed on their blogs. I've said it before-- there are some killer talented girls on the internet. Also, if anyone's reading this lol feel free to link my blog to your blog-- no need to ask, seriously it's an honor. Tomorrow I'm off work, have a doc appointment but will hopefully get some time to "play". Then Thursday is just about the most dreaded day in a girl's life.... I'm turning 30! Grrrr!!!!