Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's been forevah!!

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. Lots of reasons why- I've been a litte down in the dumps, super busy w/work, lots of projects, problems w/my blog & problems w/my computer. So pick one :) Anyways, I have lots of pics for you all. You may have noticed I changed my blog look. I had a really cool look I was going for & for some reason along w/not working I lost all of my info like all of the cool blogs I like to visit- GRRRRR! Hmmm... what else? It's been super hot this week & the only room w/AC is my bedroom so I've pretty much been living in there. It's just too hot & humid to sit in my craft room & try to do anything.

My SIL, Annette, & I "volunteered" @ CKC Buffalo. Holy cow, it was our first time & was it a lot of work. Annette hooked up online w/Lisa from who needed helpers... or a better word would be workers or even pack-mules lol. We both worked about 4 hours the 1st day & Annette went back & worked the whole next day. Anyways, it was the busiest booth @ the convention & it was our job to keep everything stocked which wasn't easy since we didn't unpack the stuff to begin with. We were kind of "thrown into" the whole thing. At any given time the booth was completely packed with a line of about 15 women waiting w/baskets crammed full of dollar items. Yes! Everything was $1! Well except for like 2 things that were $1.50. The name of her website ( was posted everywhere yet you wouldn't believe how many times I got asked "how much is" this or that?? Funny. If Lisa worked us hard @ least she hooked us up!! Usually when you volunteer it's through the CKC site & it's $30 credit for the vendor faire for a 4 hour shift. Lisa gave us the option of either $10 per hour cash or $20 per hour in her merchandise. So let's do the math-- the booth had awesome embellishments for $1 that would normally be $3-4 retail... so I figure I got over $210 worth of stuff for a couple hours work! Booyah!

So, what else has Heather been up to you might ask. I'm in the process of going through supervisor training @ work. I made it past the Excel test & the first interview. I have to make it through a 2nd interview w/the V.P. & some other important person (sorry "Kim" but I have no idea who you are or what you do @ the company I've worked @ for over 2 years lol). Those who get past the 2nd interview go through training & whenever a supervisor position becomes avail they choose from those who've made it thru the training as needed.

Ok, so I talked about making a baby scrapbook album for my cousin & here are the pics. Her shower was the day after I went to CKC & even though I had good intentions getting the album started way early, yes, I was scrambling the nite b4 to get it done. Everyone "oohed & awwed". I always say I never have anything to do but that was a crazy weekend! The CKC friday, finishing the album that nite, my Grandparent's 50th anniversary party sat. morning & leaving early to make it up to my cousin's baby shower. So, I used one of my new Lily & Otis stamps to make my Grandparents a card. It's the one w/Lily & Milo sitting on a bench. I used one of the studio g sentiments "Now & Forever" too & I'm really happy with how this turned out. I'm also posting a pic or two birthday cards I made using the Hey Cupcake stamps. If you don't have this set you def need to get it! It's so versatile, all of the cupcake pieces are interchangable-- too cool.

This is turning out to be my longest post yet!! I'm on a new diet kick----grrr. I did this myself & now I've got a lot of hard work in front of me. So I'm off today & plan to get in some cleaning & excercising (grrrr) & maybe get to checking out my long-lost buddie's blogs online that I've been neglecting. I've also got to get my SU order in for this month- it's due tomorrow! Not having a functioning computer for 2 weeks is very hard. Before posting I had to get all of my bills organized online. Not my most favorite thing to do & my DH is already calling home to find out what's for dinner! What?!! Huh??!! Who's even thinking about dinner @ noon?