Thursday, September 25, 2008

Long Time Gone

Well I probably could've titled many of my posts that right? I know I'm very sporadic but hey! It's not my fault. I was internet-less for about a month again. We finally had to wipe everything out & start over. Also, I got that "promotion" I was talking about. I'm not a supervisor of 12-15 people. It varies day to day since people will just up & leave- yeah it kinda' sucks. I have alot of new responsibilities & new tasks to learn. I'm also spending alot more hours hours at work as well. There goes my dream of being on a DT. I haven't even crafted anything in about 2 months. I will try to get around to all my fave blogs & maybe get to crafting something this weekend. (NO PROMISES! My house is a mess) FYI, SU has this new awesome sock monkey stamp set along w/an accessory stamp set as well. I ordered one for my SIL's b'day & now have one on it's way for myself as well. It's so cute. He comes with a little pennant flag & I dream of making a "You did it" card. If you're into sock monkeys this is a "must have".