Friday, April 4, 2008


Hey all! Well, all 3 of you that actually may read this lol. Anyways, I just got home from a 1/2 day of shopping that was supposed to take about an hour. You know how it is shopping on friday afternoons. I've got the whole nite & tomorrow to myself & I'm def gonna do my best to spend it on some projects I've been cooking up. Come on back later & take a look.. hopefully I'll have something posted real quick like. Also, I got the news that I'll be up for a supervisor position real soon at work now. It's something I've been on the fence about but I finally sat down & went over some details with my manager last nite. For those of you who don't know (once again all 3 of you lol) I do debt collections & I'm pretty good at it. I was kind of worried about taking on the extra stress but it seems like it would be about the same & I can be very organized, if not anal, so it should be a good fit. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Today's card

So my coworker doesn't know I know it's her birthday tomorrow. Yes, I got my info in a conniving way but oh well everyone should get a card on their birthday. I made this very similar to my last card using the cuppacakeabella but added my new SU sentiment stamp from Curvy lines. I'm not too happy cause I went ahead & mounted the stamps w/o reading the directions & now I realize I was supposed to trim the stamps 1st. Seriously people! If I'm going to spend this kinda $$ on a stamp set it should at least be trimmed. I'm not paying the extra to have them mounted. Oh well, I'll know better next time. So I'm really digging this bella! I stuck w/some of the same Creating Keepsakes paper & the Nana's Nursery paper too from DCWV- I think? & of course I used stickles. FYI, I've been using RoseArt coloring pencils-- no gamsol, just trying my hand at my own shading & I think it looks pretty darn good if I don't say so myself. Anyways.. I added the black brad for a monagram look & the heart pin for extra love... awwww :)