Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is finally over

I can't tell you how crazy this week has been! My sister has been in town with the baby & I've been trying to visit as much as possible. I love that baby so much & I can't tell you how happy I am to see him really enjoying the gifts I gave him for Christmas. I got him a sock monkey & I'm sure everyone was thinking he probably wouldn't like it but he's been playing with it alot. That was the best part of Christmas for me. We visited with most of the family. I made 3 batches of my Grandma's cut-outs (my sister helped w/2 of the batches). I also made about 25 Christmas cards for coworkers, friends & family. Nothing like leaving everything till the last minute too. I was rushing to make sure everything was perfect when those damn cards should've been done weeks ago lol.

I don't have much more to say. I'm rushing so I can get 1 more visit in with my new best friend (the above mentioned baby- Brayden) before they leave. I'll be posting some pics soon. So the card I'm posting is fitting isn't it. I made this for my boss for his birthday & never got around to posting.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Card

As promised I'm here to post another card. I've so far made about 6 of these cards using the Lily & Milo stamp from Stampavie (Rachelle Anne Miller). For this card I also added the sentiment from Stampin Up. I used my Cricut to cut out the oval & the oval shadow & inked the edges as well. I finally had a good reason to use my Christams tree brads I picked up @ CKC 2 years back. I felt really guilty using them all up but I can always get more right? I've still been going nuts w/my new SU blender pen & watercolor pencils. I think that will be my main technique when it comes to stamping now. I also used stickes on the stars & on Lily's cheeks. I'm currently in the process of hammering out about 15 cards for my team @ work & that's not counting the other 5-10 that I really should make for my bosses & friends at work. Oh why didn't I start weeks ago??? BTW, I just got my labels nestabilities in the mail so I'm sure I'll be going to town w/those too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More cards as promised:

Yes, I'm posting 2 days in a row! Here's just a few more to keep you interested ;) Of course you all recognize the Lily & Milo stamp (Rachelle Anne Miller) from Stampavie and I used the K&Company DP as well. For the other 2 cards I used Stampin Up stamps. The sentiment on the 1st card is Stampin Up as well.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lots O' Cards

This past week I got my Stampin Up order. This was my month to host so I got alot of goodies. I got the watercolor pencils with the blender pens & I have to tell you they are awesome. I can't believe I've gotten by stamping without them for this long. Since Monday night I've pulled out all of the Stampin Up sets & made a card using at least one stamp from each set. I'd been feeling pretty wasteful hoarding them without even mounting them. So, I've been "watercoloring" like crazy. I've got enough pics to post a different card daily for two weeks! But, I'll post them in groups. Just to update- my job is still going pretty well & I just bought a new car. The only bad news is that someone at work keyed said car my very first day driving it-- major bummer.

These 3 cards were all made using Rachelle Anne Miller's Lily & Milo stamps from Stampavie. I used various scraps of paper along with the blender pen & watercolor pencils. The sentiments are Stampin Up as well.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sock monkey- you funky monkey

My dog has a new "baby" all the time, you know the stuffed animal that you purchase to replace the one she's ripped apart in love? She has this monkey & flings it around so I have this song I sing to her (in the style of that Brass monkey song?). Anyways, the SU Sock Monkey set is awesome (if you didn't get what I was getting around to). I scraplifted from toddianni723 over on splitcoaststampers. Her version was very similar but Halloween themed. I used K&Company designer paper & a little bit of stickles on the cupcake. I really like this idea of using portions of the stamps! I started out trying to paper-piece a monkey & it was too much of a pain. I wouldn't say I copied (ok I did) but I had to make the monkey "peeking" over the edge. I haven't made anything lately & I'm so proud of this. I currently only have 1 comment for my card but "cotdsffs" said it is her favorite out of all 516 cards posted. Yeah!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Long Time Gone

Well I probably could've titled many of my posts that right? I know I'm very sporadic but hey! It's not my fault. I was internet-less for about a month again. We finally had to wipe everything out & start over. Also, I got that "promotion" I was talking about. I'm not a supervisor of 12-15 people. It varies day to day since people will just up & leave- yeah it kinda' sucks. I have alot of new responsibilities & new tasks to learn. I'm also spending alot more hours hours at work as well. There goes my dream of being on a DT. I haven't even crafted anything in about 2 months. I will try to get around to all my fave blogs & maybe get to crafting something this weekend. (NO PROMISES! My house is a mess) FYI, SU has this new awesome sock monkey stamp set along w/an accessory stamp set as well. I ordered one for my SIL's b'day & now have one on it's way for myself as well. It's so cute. He comes with a little pennant flag & I dream of making a "You did it" card. If you're into sock monkeys this is a "must have".

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

As promised- I actually got right up & into my craft room today! I know, you're all very excited :) So, this LO is one that's been rolling around in my head after I got this awesome rub-on @ CKC. I've been seeing alot of LO's using a white page for the background lately & have been loving the "clean slate" look. The title says "GROW baby GROW" which was a spin-off of Sheryl Crow's Run Baby Run & I really like it. This 12x12 page is very clean & simple & it might just be one of my faves yet. I went very far out of my comfort zone. I always matte my photos but I wanted the flower rub-on to be the matte. So- what did I use? The large floral rub-on is from Imaginescence (?) & I used my new SU craft stamp spots in 2 diff shades of green. Sorry, I'm having a brain freeze on the cursive letter stamps (autumn flowers? or something like that?) & the printed letters are my newest addition from AC Moore, just $1. Hope you guys enjoy & enjoy the weekend too!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just getting started

I've probably mentioned on here to some of my friends that I got my start cardmaking by way of scrapbooking. It's sad to say but I haven't done a LO for myself in like forever. I spent a little time just now taking pics of all of my personal LO's. I'm going to try to share a little at a time so I can post more often. I've got some great new LO's in mind & am anxious to get scrapbooking again. I bought some new toys today- picked up a threading water punch by fiskars that I've been wanting since I love the scalloped look but have no cuts on my carts to do it with. I also got a few odds-n-ends on clearance... I know.. clearance again- I'm a lucky chick. I also got the circle cutter by Cutterbee. It was a bit more than I was hoping but I used my trusty 40% off coupon.. hmmm.. what else? I picked up a couple of the $1 studio g stamps (YEAH!) & a couple wooden frames for embellishing. So, I'm gonna be posting these LO's over the next couple weeks one by one (instead of a whole bunch of pics/projects all at once like I'm prone to do). Please keep in mind that some of these are some of my first LO's & not what I'd consider "high quality" but they are what they are & they're mine.

Before I describe today's LO I just wanted to fill you in on my 2nd interview for S.W.A.T. training. You may be asking "what is swat training?" Well, it's kind of pathetic, I did know what SWAT stands for in this context but can never seem to remember it. What it comes down to is intense training for a supervisor position at my company. After that training is completed you may be chosen to fill a position that's available, if not, you're always "in the running". It all depends on what kind of person they are looking for that specific supervisor. If any of that makes any sense? Listen, I know even before today's interview or even the 1st interview that I have been chosen for said training. These interview are more of a formality for some (read: me) or a way of weeding out those not qualified or good candidates (read: people other than me). Anyways.... I was really proud of myself today because this one was with the VP from the other building & I barely know the woman. Of course my VP is on vacay so he was no help. I really wasn't nervous. I kept the blabbering to a minimum & I think I came across very confident (but not too confident). I'm still very excited about the whole thing. Even if I don't end up w/a supe. position I'll come out of this w/a much better understanding of how my workplace operates & that's cool too, KWIM. And now--- drumroll please--- my 1st personal LO posting every-- ta-da!!

Ok, I lied... this is actually my most current out of my personal LO's I've done. It's about 2 years old & I made it for Patty's Pig. It was this big all-day crop I went to with some of my scrapbooking friends. First of all, let me apologize a.) for the glare & b.) for being too lazy to take these out of the page protectors but hey, you're lucky to be getting this much. Took me forever to get these pics taken & uploaded for your viewing pleasure. So what we've got here is a 2pg 12x12 LO (my size of choice). This is probably the most labor intensive LO I've ever done. The title on the left "TWINS" made using my hip, cool Sizzix (which has since found a new home courtesy of ebay) & I chalked the edges too. The wording was all done free-hand letter-by-letter with rub-ons & says: Our lives intertwined forever. With just a look she knows what I am thinking... She is my sister." Yeah-- I came up with that on my own. The first four pics age in range from babies to about 4 years old & the final pic is us on my wedding day. And now to the cool part. I thought it would be super-sweet to create a DNA or double heliz thingie for effect. I used my hammer & eyelet-setter tool in 3 different sized & individually hammerred those little holes. I then "backed" it w/a lighter blue cardstock to pop. So I entered the LO in there little contest & didn't even come in running for any place. But, it was kinda worth it when I overheard people excited over my double-helix thingie when they realized I did it by hand. This is my fave LO. You won't see many LO's with just me as a baby or young-un. Almost all of my pics include my twin sister. But more about that another day. Anyways, I really love this LO & am in love with how it turned out. You can all clap now.... seriously I'm waiting on my crazy feedback ;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SAHM-- If Only...

Ok I have no kids-- yet-- but I dream of being a SAHM (stay at home mom). For the most part, all of my favorite blogs- you know, the ones posted on the right side of this page, are hosted by SAHM's. They're the ones that post a new card or creation everyday, sometimes more than once. Their creations are well-thought out &... well, crafty. They have every kind of stamp, ribbon, ink color, paper & gotta-have-it supply known to mankind. I'm very jealous! There, I said it. I work 40-45 hour weeks. I have a 40 minute commute- both ways. I have hair that won't cooperate & no clean clothes in sight at 5:30 in the morning when I get up for work. All day long I dream of LO's & cards begging to be created. I get home & am greeted by a dog with a frisbee in her mouth, a sink full of dishes from yesterday (ahem.. from when?) & my husband asking what's for dinner or "Is there even going to be dinner?". I am exhausted.. I can barely make it to the couch. My dog looks at me sadly, drops the frisbee & lays down with a defeated sigh. Too often my husband is stuck cooking but more often it's a phone call away. When I do have a day off I feel to guilty to spend my time in my craft room. Everything that's piled up from the work week must get done.. or should get done. So, yes, I'm jealous of all of you. You know who you are!

And now for a bit of organization & some goodies I forgot to post pics of. This pink binder is chock full of all of my clear stamps & some bellas too. I'm very proud that I got all of these organized. Of course there are a few stubborn large stamps that wouldn't fit in the little pockets but this is an awesome start. After getting all the stamps in the binder I couldn't believe how many there really are. Also, wanted to show off these cute little photo corners I "earned" at the CKC too.

I also got two of the K&Co Gallery J craft kits. One is for a lunchbox w/a paperbag brag book & the other is for a tag accordian book w/real hinges!! Right, I know, you would be asking how much for these lovely finds? Well, full price they're aprox $15 but as usual I got a deal. They were on clearance for $3.97!! And, I got the Cuttlebug dies on clearance- $2.97 each!!! I just can't pass it up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hi guys! I've been super busy as usual but wanted to get you all up to speed on what's going on. No, I haven't had any time to scrap or make cards, let alone use all of the goodies I got at the convention. I've pretty much just been working, no news on the new position yet. I went to see Wicked with my mom last week. I couldn't take a lot of pics but am posting what I did get. FYI, this was my first outing alone with my mom, not including shopping. We almost always do stuff as a clan but I just wanted to go with her so I bought 2 tickets for Mother's Day. I went @ got "beautified"
We also had a work picnic after work this past Saturday. I made dessert pizza (as seen in the pics). Not sure if I can post a recipe but it's from my one Pampered Chef cookbook. It looks like it would take hours to make but nope, just a couple of minutes-- really. If you do want more details just post a comment & I'll let you know. So, yeah back to the pics I'm posting-- the dessert pizza, a couple @ Wicked, my Wicked T-shirt, a little make-&-take "love" card from the convention, my momma, my latest SU order (the stamp spots, stamp set & my free stamp), & all of the goodies I got at the convention.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's been forevah!!

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. Lots of reasons why- I've been a litte down in the dumps, super busy w/work, lots of projects, problems w/my blog & problems w/my computer. So pick one :) Anyways, I have lots of pics for you all. You may have noticed I changed my blog look. I had a really cool look I was going for & for some reason along w/not working I lost all of my info like all of the cool blogs I like to visit- GRRRRR! Hmmm... what else? It's been super hot this week & the only room w/AC is my bedroom so I've pretty much been living in there. It's just too hot & humid to sit in my craft room & try to do anything.

My SIL, Annette, & I "volunteered" @ CKC Buffalo. Holy cow, it was our first time & was it a lot of work. Annette hooked up online w/Lisa from who needed helpers... or a better word would be workers or even pack-mules lol. We both worked about 4 hours the 1st day & Annette went back & worked the whole next day. Anyways, it was the busiest booth @ the convention & it was our job to keep everything stocked which wasn't easy since we didn't unpack the stuff to begin with. We were kind of "thrown into" the whole thing. At any given time the booth was completely packed with a line of about 15 women waiting w/baskets crammed full of dollar items. Yes! Everything was $1! Well except for like 2 things that were $1.50. The name of her website ( was posted everywhere yet you wouldn't believe how many times I got asked "how much is" this or that?? Funny. If Lisa worked us hard @ least she hooked us up!! Usually when you volunteer it's through the CKC site & it's $30 credit for the vendor faire for a 4 hour shift. Lisa gave us the option of either $10 per hour cash or $20 per hour in her merchandise. So let's do the math-- the booth had awesome embellishments for $1 that would normally be $3-4 retail... so I figure I got over $210 worth of stuff for a couple hours work! Booyah!

So, what else has Heather been up to you might ask. I'm in the process of going through supervisor training @ work. I made it past the Excel test & the first interview. I have to make it through a 2nd interview w/the V.P. & some other important person (sorry "Kim" but I have no idea who you are or what you do @ the company I've worked @ for over 2 years lol). Those who get past the 2nd interview go through training & whenever a supervisor position becomes avail they choose from those who've made it thru the training as needed.

Ok, so I talked about making a baby scrapbook album for my cousin & here are the pics. Her shower was the day after I went to CKC & even though I had good intentions getting the album started way early, yes, I was scrambling the nite b4 to get it done. Everyone "oohed & awwed". I always say I never have anything to do but that was a crazy weekend! The CKC friday, finishing the album that nite, my Grandparent's 50th anniversary party sat. morning & leaving early to make it up to my cousin's baby shower. So, I used one of my new Lily & Otis stamps to make my Grandparents a card. It's the one w/Lily & Milo sitting on a bench. I used one of the studio g sentiments "Now & Forever" too & I'm really happy with how this turned out. I'm also posting a pic or two birthday cards I made using the Hey Cupcake stamps. If you don't have this set you def need to get it! It's so versatile, all of the cupcake pieces are interchangable-- too cool.

This is turning out to be my longest post yet!! I'm on a new diet kick----grrr. I did this myself & now I've got a lot of hard work in front of me. So I'm off today & plan to get in some cleaning & excercising (grrrr) & maybe get to checking out my long-lost buddie's blogs online that I've been neglecting. I've also got to get my SU order in for this month- it's due tomorrow! Not having a functioning computer for 2 weeks is very hard. Before posting I had to get all of my bills organized online. Not my most favorite thing to do & my DH is already calling home to find out what's for dinner! What?!! Huh??!! Who's even thinking about dinner @ noon?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday nite

Yeah!!! I got my new stamps, Lily & Otis, by Rachelle Anne Miller. Thank you to Korin over @ Sweet-n-Sassy stamps. So, I got two cards done... sorry the pics don't do 'em justice. I really hate explaining how I made the cards. I think the picture is very self-explanatory... or maybe I'm just feeling lazy? Probably a little of column A & a little of column B lol. Anyways, I made the one for my Mother in law. I colored Lily in w/my chalks which I have to say was a bit time consuming w/Q-tips & all. The sentiment is from SU & it's the Curvy Lines set "You're a wonderful reason to celebrate". I used my new Dew Drops once again courtesy of Sweet-n-Sassy stamps. I'm so lovin' those too! The second card I made for my one friend who's down in the dumps.. I love her & hope it'll cheer her up. "Hey there" is from my other new set of stamps that I just broke open. You prob saw me post about it awhile back, Hey Cupcake from Eclectic Paperie. I also got the flesh toned Copic w/that order as well. I'm getting the hang of it but it's kind of a pain w/the bleeding and all. I used a bookplate on this card. I can tell I'll be grabbing those again & again. They add a nice touch. So, I was annoyed w/chalking so I colored Lily in w/coloring pencils. Hmm... what am I forgetting? My order from the Lily & Otis collection included 9 or was it 10?? stamps so you'll be seeing a lot more ;)

P.S. Yes I know it's friday nite & even though I have no children & am 30 years old--- I'm home alone making cards.... & I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good morning!!

Well, I too, have been neglecting my post lol. I just wanted to update all my loyal fans on what's been going on. So, I'm still working on the baby album I previously mentioned & by "working on" I mean I'm @ a standstill. I just can't get the motivation to enter my pit of a scrap room. Too much stuff too little space.. but did I mention I just got this new cute ribbon organizer? Yeah! So, I'm gonna post a pic of a card I made last month. I wanted to make sure the recipient got it before seeing it on here. The Bella stamp & sentiment are both Stamping Bella & were goodies from Katie. I made my own "word window" using a corner punch so I will not be getting that SU punch but I'm waiting on the "spiral" punch from SU which I can't wait to get my hands on. Speaking of waiting, I'm still waiting on my precious Lily & Otis stamps that I preordered. Hopefully today :). That reminds me that I didn't explain the new look. The image @ the top of the page is by my new fave artist Rachelle Anne Miller & she is allowing bloggers to use her illustrations on their blogs. All she asks is you drop her a line & give her the credit. You can find her awesome illustrations @ I've also discovered a new blogger, Kathy, who also is in love with Lily & Otis & all of Rachelle's stamps as well. You can check out her blog, Distressed Stamper, by clicking on the link in the upper left corner of my blog.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Workin' 9-5!

Ok I don't actually work 9-5 but I like the song. Seems like I've been doing nothing but working lately. Just wanted to pop in & let you gals know that I am working on stuff. I'm currently making a baby album for my cousin for her baby shower gift. It's 8x8 & I have 5 pages done so far. I don't want to post the pics until I can show all at once but it's turning out really nice.. at least I think so.. well & my husband too but I think he has to say that, right? I've still got to get my MIL's Mother's Day card done & get going on my sister's baby album as well. I figured since I've got a deadline for my cousin (her shower is the last Sat. of May), I'll get her album done on time. That way I can get more practice for my sister's album... it has to be perfect you know? I've been thinking more & more about getting some stuff done to sell @ Etsy. I've been checking it out & they're not any better than me... I make nice stuff too! It's just a matter of finding the time to make said stuff.

So, I don't really like posting w/o a pic so I'm showing off this pic that I took last year or the year before . I think my pics are terrible but my mom has the most beautiful landscaping & I took quite a few that day. I'll post another tomorrow maybe. Anyways, it's that time. Talk to you later!