Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Goodies from a good friend

Good morning everyone! (yes, all 3 of you) It's actually 7:30 & I'm awake but I have a gajillion things to do today before work so I had to get up early. First of all, my new online friend- Katie, asked for a few of my bella images. We exchanged addy's & I was gonna send them out this morning. I check the mail yesterday & what do I find? An envie from Katie with a ton of images & this beautiful card!!! I wasn't expecting anything in return for the stamped bellas... it must be karma. BTW, if you love this card make sure to visit Katie's blog- My Paper Haven. You can find it on the upper left corner of this page.. sorry still haven't figured out how to post links.

Speaking of karma... I got into work yesterday & a coworker brought something to our manager's attention. It was something that would've benefitted him but was rightfully mine. He was recently on vacay & even though he's not in my department I had helped him out with a couple things that I really didn't have to. What goes around- comes around... talk about karma!

Also, the reason for my many trips to the post office is I'm waiting on an envie from Laura, a new friend I've made over at SCS. Out of the kindness of her heart she is sending me a bella sentiment. She accidentally bought 2 & won't even take anything for it! She's since mentioned that she threw in a couple goodies--- yeah!!! I love new friends! Especially stamping/scrapping ones!! I'll keep you posted on the outcome. :)

Oh yeah, a shout out to Em @ Stamping Bella! I posted a bella project over at SCS & she actually left a comment!! It made my day. In celebration of that I made a master list of everything Stamping Bella that I want... let's just call it my wish list. I'm posting it here so I can keep it updated:

Bellas: sposabella, stagettabella, topiarybella, undertheghoodybella, dogwalkabella, fashionistabella, flowahbella, imeldabella, huggybellas, knitabella, lattebella, pompomabella, rockabella, savvyshoppabella, beachabella, bikahbabeabella, bridalpartybellas, bubblebella, cardbackabella, clickabella, craftybella, cruiseabella, daintybella

Misc images: ella & looloo, baboo's owl, yertle, thank ewe, wilbur w/balloon, eloise greengrass, matilda muffinbread, patricia's bithdaycake, twinkle fairy

Sentiments: a girl should be two, billboardabellas words only, feeling under the weather, I admire your drive, it's a cupcake thing, knit happens, retail therapy, wishing you a birthday, you rock

Misc goodies: baubles!


  1. Hi Heather,
    I'm glad that you got them. I can't wait to see what you do with them :) Thanks for posting my card too, - I too am bananas over these little monkeys! Hope you had a good day at work!

    -Your #3 reader :)

  2. Wonderful colours....and he's such a cute little monkey...Joan

  3. Beautiful as always! Have a great day! :)

  4. THis is so adorable! I LOVE it! And by the way. . .it looks like there's more than 3 people here! LOL You are too funny!