Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's all about the Bellas..

Ok I know I've gotten far away from my Cricut but I'm just so in love with Bella right now. I've been on SCS a ton lately & have been keeping up with the "Bella needs our help!!" thread. It's all about posting about cards we like in the gallery featuring Bella & making sure that they all are getting the love they deserve. Anyways, I came across Lynn's gallery & she makes the most amazing cards, not only Bellas but SU stamps too. I absolutely love the coloring she does with the Copics & I only dream that somehow I could have all the Copics that everyone else seems to have. Ok, Katie, I know you've only got a couple but still! ;) So, I'm adding Lynn's blog to my link in the upper left corner-- Check her out!! FYI, my "good friend" Katie enabled me into my first Eclectic Paperie order. Don't worry-- I was pretty good... I got away w/just the skin-toned Copic, the girl penguin-in-a-bikini-doing-the-hula stamp (99 cents!) & the hey cupcake stamps. I just had to cave!