Monday, December 8, 2008

Lots O' Cards

This past week I got my Stampin Up order. This was my month to host so I got alot of goodies. I got the watercolor pencils with the blender pens & I have to tell you they are awesome. I can't believe I've gotten by stamping without them for this long. Since Monday night I've pulled out all of the Stampin Up sets & made a card using at least one stamp from each set. I'd been feeling pretty wasteful hoarding them without even mounting them. So, I've been "watercoloring" like crazy. I've got enough pics to post a different card daily for two weeks! But, I'll post them in groups. Just to update- my job is still going pretty well & I just bought a new car. The only bad news is that someone at work keyed said car my very first day driving it-- major bummer.

These 3 cards were all made using Rachelle Anne Miller's Lily & Milo stamps from Stampavie. I used various scraps of paper along with the blender pen & watercolor pencils. The sentiments are Stampin Up as well.


  1. There is my Heather...I have had you so on my mind!!!...wondering how you are.... I have said prayers for you.... I have missed you so was so wonderful to see your face!!..thanks for the comments on my blog.... love your new cards... They are wonderful as always...

  2. Hi Heather,

    Its so nice to "see" you. I'm glad you were able to create and thanks for sharing what you've done.

    The thing about the card just bites. What is the matter with people!!!

  3. Hey Heather!... Love your new cards...VERY cute! Wow, that sucks about your car. I wonder how come Jamie didn't mention it. I'd be ticked off. He did tell me that you had been card making like a madwoman though. LOL! We'll be seeing you in a few days. Can't wait.