Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Award

& a big thanks to Michelle for giving me this award. Thanks for thinking of me. If you want to check out Michelle's blog (which you def should) click on her link on Sites I like to Visit.

Now, off topic, I'm back to work today so I won't be able to make anything today. I was going to get up early but I was to comfy in bed w/Shelby (yes, my dog). I've been off for almost a week now but it still won't be enough time. I got alot of projects (read:cards) done so I'm happy about that. It really took my mind off of things. I ordered my bellas yesterday so now it's just a matter of waiting that out lol. It'll give me something to look forward to.


  1. I clicked over from the cricut forum (you posted in my thread - I'm Yukon's girlfriend =) ) and I LOVE your cards here! They're wonderful! I love the layers and the embossing.
    The little babyshirts are adorable and I love the Paper Pups card and the one with the monkeys - it's all Good Stuff!

    I just might have to go get a cuttlebug now.. *cough*

  2. Thanks Andrea!! Do you have a blog?