Thursday, March 20, 2008

I made the cutest card for a swap...

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then on an impulse I had to give it away & I forgot to take a pic! I hate when that happens. I used my new bella stamp & it turned out sooo cute. I used the one w/the pregnant bella shopping & they had a little gift giving for one of the pregnant girls at work. I found out about it last minute so I grabbed the card & went. She actually cried when I gave it to her... then I kinda felt bad. Anyways, I made it using my new paper my SIL gave me that I absolutely love. I'm gonna make another one just like it & I'll post it when it's done. So I've been working my nites-- have nothing to show here cause of that. I found this on another blog . Check it out. Ok I don't know why it's coming out this way..but you get the point.

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