Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My sis wanted me to make a birthday card for a coworker so this is what I came up with. She said nothing too "girly" I think so I tried to keep it plain. I just love pinks & greens together. Also, I used the new paper my SIL gave me that I absolutely love!! The sentiment is popped up & I colored over the writing on both stamped sentiments. I also added the little pink rhinestone & used white ink on the edges. BTW, no stickles on this one.. hmm.. I think that's a first :)


  1. I love pink and gree too, my favorite colors. I made a pink, green and yellow card today myself. Unfortunately, my cardmaking skills are I'm just going to borrow some of your ideas!! Thanks.

  2. i also love pink and green it always looks so fresh and pretty ! great card Heather ! i am sure she will love it !

  3. I love the inside! I'm sure your's sister's co-worker will love it.

    I loved your comment about the ribbon! I do completely understand what you are saying and I would never have used all that ribbon except for the challenge (good marketing on Nichole's part). But there were a couple of ideas that I backed down from just due to that reason. So, the thought of the day is this - "don't hoard; use it up baby!"