Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just getting started

I've probably mentioned on here to some of my friends that I got my start cardmaking by way of scrapbooking. It's sad to say but I haven't done a LO for myself in like forever. I spent a little time just now taking pics of all of my personal LO's. I'm going to try to share a little at a time so I can post more often. I've got some great new LO's in mind & am anxious to get scrapbooking again. I bought some new toys today- picked up a threading water punch by fiskars that I've been wanting since I love the scalloped look but have no cuts on my carts to do it with. I also got a few odds-n-ends on clearance... I know.. clearance again- I'm a lucky chick. I also got the circle cutter by Cutterbee. It was a bit more than I was hoping but I used my trusty 40% off coupon.. hmmm.. what else? I picked up a couple of the $1 studio g stamps (YEAH!) & a couple wooden frames for embellishing. So, I'm gonna be posting these LO's over the next couple weeks one by one (instead of a whole bunch of pics/projects all at once like I'm prone to do). Please keep in mind that some of these are some of my first LO's & not what I'd consider "high quality" but they are what they are & they're mine.

Before I describe today's LO I just wanted to fill you in on my 2nd interview for S.W.A.T. training. You may be asking "what is swat training?" Well, it's kind of pathetic, I did know what SWAT stands for in this context but can never seem to remember it. What it comes down to is intense training for a supervisor position at my company. After that training is completed you may be chosen to fill a position that's available, if not, you're always "in the running". It all depends on what kind of person they are looking for that specific supervisor. If any of that makes any sense? Listen, I know even before today's interview or even the 1st interview that I have been chosen for said training. These interview are more of a formality for some (read: me) or a way of weeding out those not qualified or good candidates (read: people other than me). Anyways.... I was really proud of myself today because this one was with the VP from the other building & I barely know the woman. Of course my VP is on vacay so he was no help. I really wasn't nervous. I kept the blabbering to a minimum & I think I came across very confident (but not too confident). I'm still very excited about the whole thing. Even if I don't end up w/a supe. position I'll come out of this w/a much better understanding of how my workplace operates & that's cool too, KWIM. And now--- drumroll please--- my 1st personal LO posting every-- ta-da!!

Ok, I lied... this is actually my most current out of my personal LO's I've done. It's about 2 years old & I made it for Patty's Pig. It was this big all-day crop I went to with some of my scrapbooking friends. First of all, let me apologize a.) for the glare & b.) for being too lazy to take these out of the page protectors but hey, you're lucky to be getting this much. Took me forever to get these pics taken & uploaded for your viewing pleasure. So what we've got here is a 2pg 12x12 LO (my size of choice). This is probably the most labor intensive LO I've ever done. The title on the left "TWINS" made using my hip, cool Sizzix (which has since found a new home courtesy of ebay) & I chalked the edges too. The wording was all done free-hand letter-by-letter with rub-ons & says: Our lives intertwined forever. With just a look she knows what I am thinking... She is my sister." Yeah-- I came up with that on my own. The first four pics age in range from babies to about 4 years old & the final pic is us on my wedding day. And now to the cool part. I thought it would be super-sweet to create a DNA or double heliz thingie for effect. I used my hammer & eyelet-setter tool in 3 different sized & individually hammerred those little holes. I then "backed" it w/a lighter blue cardstock to pop. So I entered the LO in there little contest & didn't even come in running for any place. But, it was kinda worth it when I overheard people excited over my double-helix thingie when they realized I did it by hand. This is my fave LO. You won't see many LO's with just me as a baby or young-un. Almost all of my pics include my twin sister. But more about that another day. Anyways, I really love this LO & am in love with how it turned out. You can all clap now.... seriously I'm waiting on my crazy feedback ;)


  1. Awesome layout! Love the photos, the connection between the two of you, and the double helix thingy!!

  2. Hi sweetness...I have nominated you for an award...see my blog.

  3. Great layouts, but I love the pics!!!