Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SAHM-- If Only...

Ok I have no kids-- yet-- but I dream of being a SAHM (stay at home mom). For the most part, all of my favorite blogs- you know, the ones posted on the right side of this page, are hosted by SAHM's. They're the ones that post a new card or creation everyday, sometimes more than once. Their creations are well-thought out &... well, crafty. They have every kind of stamp, ribbon, ink color, paper & gotta-have-it supply known to mankind. I'm very jealous! There, I said it. I work 40-45 hour weeks. I have a 40 minute commute- both ways. I have hair that won't cooperate & no clean clothes in sight at 5:30 in the morning when I get up for work. All day long I dream of LO's & cards begging to be created. I get home & am greeted by a dog with a frisbee in her mouth, a sink full of dishes from yesterday (ahem.. from when?) & my husband asking what's for dinner or "Is there even going to be dinner?". I am exhausted.. I can barely make it to the couch. My dog looks at me sadly, drops the frisbee & lays down with a defeated sigh. Too often my husband is stuck cooking but more often it's a phone call away. When I do have a day off I feel to guilty to spend my time in my craft room. Everything that's piled up from the work week must get done.. or should get done. So, yes, I'm jealous of all of you. You know who you are!

And now for a bit of organization & some goodies I forgot to post pics of. This pink binder is chock full of all of my clear stamps & some bellas too. I'm very proud that I got all of these organized. Of course there are a few stubborn large stamps that wouldn't fit in the little pockets but this is an awesome start. After getting all the stamps in the binder I couldn't believe how many there really are. Also, wanted to show off these cute little photo corners I "earned" at the CKC too.

I also got two of the K&Co Gallery J craft kits. One is for a lunchbox w/a paperbag brag book & the other is for a tag accordian book w/real hinges!! Right, I know, you would be asking how much for these lovely finds? Well, full price they're aprox $15 but as usual I got a deal. They were on clearance for $3.97!! And, I got the Cuttlebug dies on clearance- $2.97 each!!! I just can't pass it up.


  1. What, who me?? Not :) Some Moms are so together, me - I'm just lazy. As for stuff - I put myself on a complete Ban of any purchasing - seriously!!! Its so sad, but my own fault.

    Just wait, your day will come. It would be cool if you had twins :)

  2. HAng in there... someday it will happen!
    I worked for 18 years as an RN at an inner city hospital- I had an hour commute each way and have been very blessed in the past few years to be able to stay at home. As soon as my son goes off to college next year, I'll be re-joining the work force too. BOOOOOO!

  3. Oh, Heather! {{{Hugs!}}} There are days when the SAHM-ing isn't such fun either--truly! But having been where you are, I remember dreaming about being able to be home and have kids. . . One day, your turn will come! Hang in there!